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Canadian Energy Leadership – Chris Slubicki, Modern Resources

In recent years, Canada’s focus on being a leading environmental citizen has come into apparent conflict with our desire to responsibly provide clean, affordable energy for a growing world that demands a higher standard of living for all.

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In this talk, Mr. Slubicki discussed the (at times) uncomfortable reality of energy and the environment in Canada and around the world. Canada’s unique combination of resources, policy and technology position our nation to be a leader in the future energy landscape; if we have the courage to stand up for our industry and our best-in-class way of doing things. Chris Slubicki is the President and CEO of Modern Resources Inc.

Presenter: Chris Slubicki, President/CEO
Occasion: Tangle Creek Energy Town Hall Meeting
Symbol: Private
Length: 00:49:43

Head Office:
200, 110 – 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 1B3

T: 403.536.6446

Contact: Chris Slubicki


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