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Recovering Metals While Healing The Environment – BacTech Environmental

BacTech Environmental Corporation is a pioneering clean technology company specializing in the remediation of toxic tailings from abandoned mining operations. Utilizing a commercially proven bioleaching technology, BacTech’s projects in Ecuador and Sudbury focus on sustainability and profitability, transforming waste into valuable resources. With a strong environmental commitment and a team of industry experts, BacTech offers innovative solutions for a greener mining industry and presents a compelling investment opportunity.

Ross Orr, President and CEO, joined the Online Investment Conference to present the BacTech Environmental story.

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37 King Street East, Suite 409
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1E9

T: (416) 813-0303 x222

For more information, contact:
Ross Orr, President and CEO

Key Presentation Insights…

BacTech Environmental Corporation is a leading environmental technology company dedicated to remediating highly toxic tailings from abandoned mining operations. Ross Orr, President and CEO, shares insights on BacTech’s projects in Ecuador and Sudbury, highlighting their pioneering clean technology and environmental benefits.

Core Technology and Projects

BacTech uses a commercially proven bioleaching technology to break down sulfide minerals using naturally occurring bacteria. This process, significantly faster than natural degradation, allows for the recovery of valuable elements while stabilizing toxic components like arsenic. BacTech has successfully built plants in Australia and China and is now focusing on a self-operated plant in Ecuador.

Environmental Impact

The company emphasizes sustainability, with no harmful discharges or gases and a commitment to recycling water. By refusing to buy pre-treated materials with mercury or cyanide, BacTech encourages miners to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Economic Viability

BacTech’s feasibility studies for the Ecuador project show impressive profitability, with a CAPEX of $17 million and a quick payback period. With a positive green bond rating from Moody’s, the project is ready to move forward.

Team and Expertise

BacTech’s team includes experts in bioleaching, mining, law, and finance, all contributing to the company’s robust operational strategy. The board’s diverse experience ensures comprehensive oversight and innovative solutions.

Future Prospects

The company plans to expand its operations to other countries, including Peru and Colombia, creating regional hubs for processing. In Sudbury, BacTech is exploring solutions for reprocessing massive amounts of pentlandite, aiming to turn waste into valuable resources.

Investment Potential

With a market cap significantly lower than projected profits, BacTech offers a unique investment opportunity. The company’s proven technology, strong environmental focus, and readiness for production make it a compelling choice for investors seeking both financial returns and positive environmental impact.


BacTech Environmental Corporation stands at the forefront of clean mining technology, providing sustainable solutions for some of the industry’s most pressing environmental challenges. With strong projects, experienced leadership, and clear growth potential, BacTech is poised to make a significant impact on the mining and environmental sectors.

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