Watch CEO's Deliver Investor Roadshow Presentations

Online Investor Roadshows that bring Investors and Investment Ideas together.

Online Investor Roadshows that bring Investors and Investment Ideas together.

The favourite decision making tool of investment professionals now goes online.

For centuries, investor roadshows have been a cornerstone of the financial world. Traditionally, these presentations were conducted in person, targeting professional investors and the financial community, allowing entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and secure funding for new ventures.

The pandemic dramatically altered this landscape, halting in-person roadshows and pushing them online out of necessity. This shift proved advantageous for ordinary investors, who, for the first time, gained direct access to company stories from CEOs, just as professional investors had for centuries.

As the pandemic subsided and life began to normalize, in-person roadshows for financial professionals resumed. However, retail investors, having experienced the benefits of online presentations during the pandemic, now expect the same level of information and transparency. Companies, too, have recognized the value of these new communication channels, enabling them to connect directly with a broader investor audience.

At the Online Investment Conference, we believe Online Investor Roadshows offer investors “Investment Ideas Worth Watching.” So we’ve defined our mission is to provide retail investors with investment opportunities presented in the same detailed manner that professional investors have long enjoyed.

Our online investor roadshow presentations allow investors to hear the company story directly from company CEOs. We pre-record each company presentation and transform it into a high-quality, interactive online investor roadshow. You can watch the presentation in its entirety or focus on specific segments, at your convenience.


Peter Norman
Producer, The Online Investment Conference

Investor Roadshow Presentations Online at the Online Investment Conference: Investment Ideas Worth Watching!