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The Next Mid-Tier Producer of Precious & Base Metals in Peru – Cerro de Pasco Resources

Cerro de Pasco Resources, or CDPR, is a mining and resource management company focussed on the goal of becoming the next mid-tier producer of precious and base metals in Peru, while committing itself to long-term economic sustainability, and benefit for the local population from an economic, social, and health point of view.

Guy Goulet is CEO of Pasco Resources and joined us at the Online Investment Conference to present the story.

A great presentation that you don’t want to miss.

WATCH HERE: The Next Mid-Tier Producer of Precious & Base Metals in Peru – Cerro de Pasco Resources


203-22 Lafleur Ave.,
Saint-Sauveur (Québec)
J0R 1R0 Canada

T: (579)-476-7000

For more information, contact:
Guy Goulet, CEO

Key Presentation Insights…

A Historical Mining Community

Cerro de Pasco, located at an elevation of 4,400 meters in Peru, is not just a city but a legacy of continuous mining operations for nearly 400 years. Established by the Spanish in 1630, this area has seen the extraction of lead, zinc, copper, gold, and silver, shaping it into a mining powerhouse.

The Legacy of Cerro de Pasco

In 1906, the legendary financier J.P. Morgan invested tens of millions of dollars (equivalent to a few billion today) to develop the mine, sending the best engineers, geologists, and technology. Cerro de Pasco Copper Corporation was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1916. Over 400 years, more than 300 million tons of materials have been extracted.

Current Assets and Acquisitions

Cerro de Pasco Resources is set to transform the existing infrastructure and resources:

  • 104 million tons stockpile of waste and ore.
  • Two flotation facilities previously processing 13,000 tons per day.
  • An oxide plant purchased for $140 million, financed through a stream.
The Impact of COVID-19

In March 2020, just as a significant transaction was about to be signed, the COVID-19 pandemic halted progress. The deal to acquire two flotation facilities and the oxide plant was not finalized due to the economic impact and operational shutdowns.

Due Diligence and Resource Evaluation

Over four months, extensive due diligence revealed historical processing data from 1906 to 1992, showing significant untapped resources:

  • 75 million tons of tailings with high-value metals like copper, lead, zinc, silver, and gold.
Future Plans and Environmental Impact

The focus now is on transforming these resources into a NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate:

  • Perform drill tests and environmental impact assessments.
  • Address historical environmental liabilities, particularly acid water treatment.
Community and Government Support

The project aims to revitalize the local economy and address environmental concerns:

  • Creating Jobs: From a peak of 7,000 to just 500 jobs today, the project aims to restore employment opportunities.
  • Education: The revenue generated will support local education, helping children attend colleges and universities.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Treating acid water and managing tailings responsibly, aiming to eliminate the problem within 25 years.
  • Government Revenue: Projected $23 million in annual income tax from a $104 million annual cash flow.
The Economic Potential

Cerro de Pasco Resources holds an estimated half a billion ounces of silver equivalent above ground, valued between $15 to $17 billion at today’s prices. This positions the company for substantial growth:

  • Diversified Metals Portfolio: Including silver, zinc, gold, copper, lead, and other critical metals like gallium, indium, and cerium.
  • Market Capitalization: Currently at $40 million CAD, with potential growth as the project advances.
Why Invest in Cerro de Pasco Resources?
  • Proven Leadership: Guy Goulet has co-founded successful ventures like Lithium Corporation, H2O Innovation, and Maya Gold and Silver.
  • Significant Market Potential: With a net present value (NPV) of $1.35 billion USD and a projected $104 million annual cash flow.
  • Strong Community and Government Support: Essential for sustainable operations in Peru.
  • Diverse and Valuable Metal Resources: Offering stability and growth potential in various market conditions.
A Bright Future Ahead

Cerro de Pasco Resources is not just building on its historical legacy but is poised for a transformative future. With the right team, community support, and vast untapped resources, this is an opportune moment to invest in a company set to redefine mining in Cerro de Pasco.

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