Watch Company CEO's Present Investor Roadshow Presentations Online


Queen Isabella was the first. Now its your turn…

A Simple Idea: Investor Roadshow Presentations, presented in an Online Conference format

Ever since Christopher Columbus pitched Queen Isabella for the funds needed to discover the New World, the investor roadshow has been a staple of the financial world.  For hundreds of years, the format didn’t change much: investor roadshow presentations delivered in person and almost exclusively to professional investors and the financial community let investors pitch their ideas to raise the funding required for new ventures.

Then last year the world changed with a bang. In-person roadshows came to a crashing halt.  Out of necessity investor roadshows had to go online. The result!  Ordinary investors came out the winners!

For the first time, retail investors everywhere had the opportunity to hear company stories online direct from CEOs, just like professional investors and the financial community have been able to do for hundreds of years. The Pandemic seems to have peaked and life is slowly returning to normal. In-person investors roadshows delivered to financial professionals will return.  But ordinary investors who during the pandemic experienced the chance to hear company stories online direct from CEOs continue to expect that same level of information flow and transparency going forward.  And companies recognize the powerful communication channel the pandemic opened up to let them reach out and speak to investors everywhere directly.

At the Online Investment Conference, we believe Online Investor Roadshows are going to be what ‘Investing in the Future’ is all about.  Our goal is to help all investors take advantage of that investing future by creating outstanding online investor roadshow presentations that hear and interact with company stories presented live online by CEOs.  And if for some reason, you can’t make the live presentation when it happens like many of us can’t …. Well then for you, we turn every live presentation into a high quality, fully interactive online investor roadshow that looks the same as the original, plus its fully interactive so you can watch any part of the presetation in whatever order you want.

Online Investor Roadshows on the Online Investment Conference … Investment Ideas Worth Watching!


Peter Norman
Producer, The Online Investment Conference