Files Download

1/ Installing the Talk-Deck PowerPoint Add-In

File Download Link: Talk-Deck PowerPoint Add-In (Zip File)
Download the TD-PPA from the link above. It will probably go into your ‘Downloads’ folder, and if it does, you need to open the folder and copy or move the file to another folder, otherwise your computer’s Download folder security procedures may prevent its installation since it is an executable (.exe) file.  If you are concerned at all about any warning messages you receive, pls call or email us so we can explain what’s happening.
When you’ve copied or moved it a folder other than the ‘Downloads’ folder, extract the zip file, and click on the ‘Setup’ file. The TD-PPA should automatically install itself to the proper directory in your PowerPoint program and is then ready for use.
You can tell whether the TD-PPA has installed itself properly by opening PowerPoint and going to the ‘Slide Show’ tab.  At the end of the menu, you should see a ‘Talk-Deck’ sub-menu item. You can turn the TD-PPA on and off with the ‘Enable’ button.  We suggest leaving it on so you don’t forget to when you do want to record a synch track.  The files it creates are very small and if you think you’ve created too many, just click the ‘View Log Files’ folder to see the files and delete any or all of them.